What is a soy wax candle?

Soy wax is a product made from the oil of soya beans.

Why are soy wax candles better?

Being a vegetable-derived product soy wax is natural and non-toxic. Unlike paraffin wax that is petroleum based, Soy wax has a lower burning temperature which means they last longer and are less likely to trigger any allergies which may otherwise be triggered by paraffin wax. They are also biodegradable and come from a renewable natural source.


The soy wax isn’t making contact with the glass in some parts of the container and appears like a wet spot. Is this a defect? No, this is very normal. This is simply where the soy wax has adhered to the glass surface in one place and not in another. This is caused by temperature changes and is normal for this handmade and natural product.

This does not affect the quality, consistency or performance of the candle when burned properly. Soy candles are very sensitive to temperature and light changes so are aware of the location when placing or storing them.